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Theatre Review: Gotta Sing Gotta Dance

A triple threat treat!

Seven performers whiz through a grand total of 60 songs,105 costume changes, 50 dance numbers, four explosions, and one watermelon. While musicals revues are traditionally something to turn your nose up at, this manages to inject a good deal of fun and whimsy into a format that’s traditionally cheap and lacklustre. Surprisingly, some of the tunes from the better-known titles aren’t necessarily the ones you’d think you’d hear, marking it out from other garden-variety fare. There are even some unexpected new takes on certain songs, such as a infusion of Stephen Sondheim’s No More from Into the Woods with Being Alive from Company, plus a reworking of Anything You Can Do just for the show.

What really makes this show a great night out, is that it’s aware of what it is and plays up to it with pizzazz and abandon. The jokes are cheeky and knowing, and it’s clear the cast are just having fun rather than trying to make this into Shakespeare. The performers are incredibly talented and Rebecca Lisewski’s rendition of Tell Me It’s Not True from Blood Brothers was astonishing, as was Simon Adkins’ Stars from Les Miserablés. And neither does director Chris Jordan skimp on the production values: plenty of lights and pyrotechnics, a wardrobe to shame Elton John, and choreography from Nick Watson that will have your head spinning with delight.

Not all the moments are golden, such as a slightly clunky Fred Astaire routine, and an Eva Peron that won’t provide you with tears not to cry. Why Taylor the Latte Boy is included is anyone’s guess, as it’s not from any musical, even though it’s a great comic piece and delivered rather well. There’s unavoidably many landmark shows that are not at all represented.

While it’s not high-theatre, it is good fun. A belter of a musicals revue that’s easily one of the best around, when it comes to your town, you'd better book!

GT gives this 4/5

Words: James Waygood

Gotta Sing Gotta Dance is touring the UK until October 26. For more details about dates, locations and tickets, visit

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