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Dandy Licks: Thursday 5th Sep

Our favourite slabs of pop music finery this week...

Bebe Black - I’ll Wait
Ok, let’s not get it twisted… Bebe Black is one of the hottest new talents out there, and if you don’t know she, get into she! Dorset-born Bebe serves up a tinkly piano-lead slice of dramatic gorgeousness with I’ll Wait, certainly our single of the week. Ms Black is fast becoming the mistress of sophisticated pop, coupling heartfelt and contemporary lyrics with a production that starts off minimalist and builds into an epic flush of passion, emotion and downright ear caressing wonder. Yes, we’re gushing. But when so much soulless, synth-driven, mephedrone-induced Europap passes through your email inbox, you’re just glad of a bit of soulful tuneage. Please B, can we have some more?

NONONO – Pumpin’ Blood
Made up of a spirited singer/songwriter and two producers from Sweden, NONONO certainly have the industry credentials for musical success. To those of you with a keen ear, current single ‘Pumpin’ Blood’ may already be ringing bells as the score to one of Samsung’s recent smartphone ads. Though, the song will make you want to do more than just blow your wages on the latest tech. Expect a chorus filled to the brim with tenebrous synths and hummable whistle hooks that will no doubt have your veins rushing with sonic ecstasy during your next cardio sesh, and then some. Keep the bums tight and the speakers blaring, boys!

Two Door Cinema Club – Changing of the Seasons
With summer set to make a brisk exit, it’s only fair that we give this little tune the appreciation it deserves as those autumn leaves begin to make their unruly descent. ‘Changing of the Seasons’ marks a welcoming shift for the Irish indie rockers who’ve decided to take a more fun, light-hearted approach with this upcoming release, just like yesterday morning when we added a splash of Baileys in with our cereal at breakfast. With a host of repetitive hooks and a solid, straightforward chorus, the song lends itself perfectly to a more radio-friendly sound while staying true to the band’s avid love for a killer guitar riff.

Dee Dee Loves Me - Everybody’s Out To Get Me
And we love Dee Dee! This addictive lovechild of Ziggy Stardust and Natalie Wood has a kaleidoscope of tracks under her belt – ready to invade the pop scene. London-born Dee Dee Loves Me is having regular recording sessions with her producer Ian Masterson – who worked with Pet Shop Boys and Girls Aloud – and the result? Synth. Synth. And, more Synth. Synthmania! Her newest track, Everybody’s Out To Get Me, is the combination of 80s power-pop and a keyboard backdrop. If you’re having one of those days where literally EVERYTHING is going wrong, give Deedee Loves Me a listen. You’re not alone.

Ballet School - Heartbeat Overdrive
Yes, dear, this is the way. We’re loving this tune from Berlin-based trio Ballet School. Apparently, Rosie Blair heard Michel Collet playing his guitar in the U-Bahn (The Berlin underground) and immediately asked him to form a band. In 2012 they began collaborating with Louis McGuire, another fixture on the Berlin DIY scene and a tasty new threesome was born. Heartbeat Overdrive is a commingling of 80s alternative, Fleetwood Mac, with a bit of early Mariah thrown in, coupled with an authentic looking, grainy 80s-style video. All ingredients which are a sure-fire way to get into the musical hearts of Team GT! That riff is positively addictive, and we can’t wait to hear more from these guys.

MDNGHT – Into the Night
Manchester ‘man band’ MDNGHT are pretty damn delicious, and if you fancy a bit of ear candy their music is just as appetising. Into the Night pairs the lead singer’s powerhouse vocal with a minimal production to transcend the song to new heights of spiritual bliss. We can imagine cruising around town to this at the end of a rather eventful night out… ok, we’re more likely to be on the nightbus rather than a sexy open top car, but we can dream can’t we?! If you’re partial to hot guys singing in falsetto, then you’ve absolutely hit the jackpot. Gorgeous!

Words: Lee Dalloway (@Leeroydalvin)
Sam Baker (@SamTRBaker)
Ashley Cowburn (@AshCowburn)

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