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Rally for Russia

GT joins protestors outside Downing Street

More than a thousand people gathered outside the gates of Downing Street last night, in protest at anti-gay laws being implemented in Russia. Among the crowds was human rights activist Peter Tatchell, Paul O'Grady, and openly-gay politician Chris Bryant.

Held as civil servants and government advisers finished work, the protest aimed to bring attention to the recent streak of attacks on Russia's LGBT population. Russia saw its first prosecution for so-called homosexual propaganda last week, amidst international calls from the likes of Obama and British leaders for President Putin to drop the bigotry.

It wasn't just on the streets of London that people protested - thousands gathered simultaneously in 33 cities, across 21 countries. It's all ahead of world leaders' imminent arrival in to St Petesburg tomorrow for the G20 summit - chaired by Putin. With chants of "2, 4, 6, 8; Putin drop your anti-gay hate!" metres from David Cameron's office, there's no doubting the pressure to act and raise LGBT issues at the summit.

This month's GT reports on the government's plans to pardon WW2 hero Alan Turing of his 'conviction' for being gay, and we all welcomed the passing of same sex marriage earlier in the year. Now GT hopes the British PM, and others, will have the balls to raise gay hate laws in Russia whilst eyeball-to-eyeball with Vladamir Putin.

Words: Benjamin Butterworth

Photo: Joel Ryder ( and (Joel Ryder Facebook)

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