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Interview: Matt Goss

He owes us nothing... but he gives a lot! ;-)

Hey Matt! So, tell us what we can expect from your new album...
It's an eclectic mix of influences ranging from Stevie Wonder, Donnie Hathaway, Frank Sinatra, and Elvis. The overall sound of the record has a heartfelt glamour and decadence.

Awesome! Who have you collaborated with on this one?
There are over 121 musicians on this album ranging from a 26 piece horn section to a full orchestral string section, but my partner in crime on the record is the amazing Ron Fair.

You're now based in LA, what have you been up to out there and what made you relocate?
I was in New York for some time but I've lived in LA for years. I love that I'm close to the mountains, close to the sea, and sometimes shoot over to Aspen to go snowboarding.

Does the LA lifestyle suit you better than life in the UK?
I love both places for many different reasons. Obviously the climate in LA is beautiful, but being in London around architecture is very humbling. The buildings look back at you as if to say you are just a moment in time. There is a majestic beauty that I feel humbled by.

Tell us about your Vegas show. It sounds awesome.
It's based at the legendary Caesars Palace in my show room, The Gossy Room. It's intimate but very glamorous. People dress up. I have sexy showgirl dancers called The Dirty Virgins, and there’s a general sense of fun, flirtation, pure music, and escapism. Come and see me!

We will! Is it true that you've revamped “When Will I Be Famous” as a big band number?
Yes, we have a full orchestra and a 20+ piece horn section. It's sexy. It has swagger, and, in my opinion, it feels more relevant than ever, especially in today’s fame-based society.

Of course, we have to ask about Bros. Can you pinpoint your absolute favourite memory from that time?
There are two memories that stand out the most for me. The first being the day that we entered the UK Top 40. As a musician, there are very few moments that can compare to entering your country’s Top 40 chart. The second, walking into Wembley Stadium for the sound check and walking across the pitch, imagining thousands of football games and bands such as The Rolling Stones playing there; it was surreal. But to then see the venue fill with 70,000 people later that night, and to be able to sing to them, is a memory that will remain in my blood forever.

What's the biggest life lesson learned, and also the biggest regret you have from that time?
The biggest lesson I learned is always try and stay in control of your own business and have separate representations from your management to avoid any conflict of interest. My biggest regret is that I didn't know that at the time; I was just a boy.

Immediately after Bros finished, what was the world like for Matt Goss?
People think fame disappears overnight, almost as if the millions of people that bought your records don't recognize you on the Tuesday after the Monday the band split up. Obviously, that's not the case: we were some of the most recognizable people in the world. I guess it could be compared to Justin Bieber's fame today. It was tough because I had to find a place where I could still have a life and the privacy to do it. But to this day I'm proud and feel blessed that I can still make music and travel the world doing what I love.

Coming back up to more recent years, what do you feel has been the most interesting and valuable experience for you post-Bros?
For the last five years I've been doing over 100 shows a year and it's given me composure and a true understanding of what I do. Whenever you go through good times and bad times you learn things from both spectrums. The good times show you the people that are simply 'up for the hang'. The bad times show you the people that will 'simply hang in there'.

We'll be honest, we find you even hotter now than we did back in the day. What's your secret? Come on, are you feeding on the blood of the innocent?
First of all, thank you sweetheart. I don't feed from the innocent, I learn from them, because that's the very thing that keeps us all young. I also have never smoked a cigarette, I don't do drugs, I drink bucket loads of water, and, until recently, I've had lots of sex! Feeling virile, being around people that are positive, and trying to laugh at least once a day even if its laughing at yourself for being such a grumpy bastard. If that doesn't work, follow me on twitter and I'll kick you in the butt.

When are you coming back to visit us in London?
I'll be back toward in October. Come and see me at Cafe De Paris. I'm bringing my glamourous Gossy Room from Caesars Palace back home.

Matt Goss plays London Café De Paris 3,7,8,9 Oct, tickets are on sale now from the Café De Paris website. You can follow Matt on Twitter @mattgoss.

Words: Lee Dalloway @Leeroydalvin

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