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Review: We're The Millers

The one where Jennifer Aniston strips

Drug smuggling, enlarged testicles and a very VERY wet Jennifer Aniston…what else were you expecting?

If you like your comedy witty, smutty and crammed full of dick jokes, We’re the Millers will be right up your boulevard. The plot is simple – David (played by Jason Sudeikis) owes some drug money to a drug dealer (played by The Hangover’s Ed Helms). To repay the drug money, he’ll need to bring a ‘smidge’ of weed across the border of Mexico without getting caught. How do you not get caught? You pretend to be a family on vacation of course! Enter Rose, David’s stripper of a neighbour (played by Aniston) and their ‘two children’, homeless Casey (played by Emma Roberts) and downstairs neighbour Kenny, played by rising British star Will Poulter.

Anything that can go wrong does go wrong and this includes the unwholesome foursome spending a brilliantly awkward evening with an undersexed couple, played by Nick Offerman and Kathryn Hahn, who help out until The Millers’ camper van can be fixed.

To see the icon formally known as Rachel swearing, stripping and gyrating is enough to make anyone say ‘ticket for one please’, even if you’re Team Jolie. The jokes are crude and the laughs are, at times, almost on the minute every minute. Fighting scenes, gay scenes, lesbian scenes and even a hint of incest thrown in for good measure! We’re the Millers is a filthy, funny, cringe-fest of a movie but hey – that’s what we want right?

GT gives it 4/5

We're The Millers is out now and you can check out the trailer below

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