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UnFringed - In Bed with Briefs (Episode Ten)

Dream. Come. True.

How often do you find yourself in bed with six extremely hot guys? Not often enough is obviously the answer, but our fantasies became reality in Edinburgh as we hopped into bed with the boys from Briefs... WHO JUST HAPPENED TO TAKE THEIR CLOTHES OFF. Featuring the most exceptionally and outrageously talented performers, Briefs: The Second Coming, is currently serving up some All Male, All Vaudeville, All Trash Realness in Edinburgh (before they skip off to Ireland for the Dublin Fringe Festival and then sashay back to the UK for seven dates at the London Wonderground). We were lucky enough to get an interview with the boys one Edinburgh afternoon for our web series, UnFringed. Expect feathers and crowd surfing. ENJOY!

Briefs: The Second Coming

Words: Harry Clayton-Wright

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