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Preview: About Time

Richard 'Romcom' Curtis returns... this time with a time travel twist...

Just after turning 21, Tim discovers that, like all of the men in his family, he has the ability to travel back in time. And so he decides to use his gift for the best of all possible reasons – love. If you can suspend belief for long enough to accept the time travel (and that any 21 year old would use that ability for such a noble cause) then you'll probably find yourself thoroughly enjoying About Time.

As in previous films, Richard Curtis' protagonist is a posh, slightly awkward but ultimately likeable man-boy who finds himself falling for a beautiful American girl. We follow the story of Tim and Mary from their first meeting (in the romantic but improbable scene in “Dans Le Noir”, the London restaurant where you dine in pitch darkness) to beyond their first child.

Rachel McAdams shines as Mary, and Bill Nighy is, as ever, wonderful, but the real star is the palatial family home, perched atop a cliff on the windswept Cornish coast, where the family still have their tea every single day (did I already mention the suspension of disbelief?). The story itself is packed with improbable scenes that are worthy of the very worst kind of chick-lit – from the unlikely first meeting (twice), to a proposal accompanied by local band, to the perfect wedding day ruined by a torrential downpour yet somehow being all the more perfect for it.

Definitely a film that requires you to leave all sense of reality for a while, but there are worse ways to spend a couple of hours!

GT gives this a: 3/5

Words: Carrie

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