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Dandy Licks: Friday 23 August

GT Towers has never seen so much dutty winin'...

The Feeling - Rescue
It’s been a while since we’ve heard a peep out of these chirpy Brit poprockers, but The Feeling are back with a ridiculously catchy new ditty. Comin’ atcha (not like Cleopatra) with their trademark bouncy pianos and Dan Gillespie-Sells’ gorgeous voice, the break has done these boys good. An atmospheric slab of indiepop that scores high on the foot tappin’, head noddin’ scale, we can just picture punching the air and screaming ‘yeah’ along with the band when we see them do their thing live.

Marina and the Diamonds – Electra Heart
Since her sophomore album hit the number one spot back in April 2012, Marina has treated her autonomous Diamonds to a pop master class under her home-wrecking alter-ego Electra Heart. Obviously attempting to become one with her inner Sasha Fierce, the persona supposedly voiced her own sensibilities about love and heartbreak, eventually taking the form of a Ten-part musical extravaganza on her YouTube channel. Sadly, every era has its end, and the final chapter of the series has at last arrived. But keep those rainbow coloured tears at bay, it’s a bloomin’ corker! Dark, dangerous and with a production so daft it’ll send tingles down your perfectly bronzed spines, this track is the final nail in one hell of a coffin.

Oh Land - Renaissance Girls
We like our pop stars fresh, and Oh Land certainly gets our musical sweat glands secreting with excitement! New single ‘Renaissance Girls’ has the Danish beauty utilising the same crystal clear vocal we have come to adore, warbling her way through an infectious drum induced beat with considerable class. The song also demonstrates a lyrical minefield of killer rhymes, ‘having three kids and still remain a virgin/ it’s my version of a renaissance girl’ being our current fave. The video elevates the track to new heights of genius with choreography tighter than your favourite pair of Aussiebums. We’re already learning the dance moves in between press calls here at GT Towers - just waiting on our red wigs in the post so we can accurately channel Elizabeth I whilst shoulder popping on our office chairs. #GayBoyProblems!

Madeon – Technicolor
Hugo Pierre Leclercq, otherwise known as French-based DJ Madeon, may not be attributed with the same levels of worldwide success as his Scottish counterpart Calvin Harris, but he’s certainly well on his way. At 19 years of age he already has a bombastic back catalogue of electro house tunes under his belt and earlier this month was confirmed as one of the producers for Lady Gaga’s eagerly anticipated ARTPOP compilation. ‘Technicolor’, with its extra-terrestrial synths and beefcake beat, demonstrates just why he has the illustrious meat wearer’s undivided attention. If you’re a fan of melody-driven dance, then you probably won’t find anything much better than this!

Strange Names - Potential Wife
New York born Liam Benzi and Francis Jiminez of Minneapolis have been playing shows together since mid-2012 and are seriously caressing our eardrums with this delicious slice of funky electropop. Combining a youthful zest for life with a gorgeous retro delivery, this is like Talking Heads for the 21st Century with a dash of MGMT kookiness thrown in for good measure. And the lead singer is hot, too. What’s not to love?!

Moya - Come And Get It
Now, this is what we’re talkin’ ‘bout, honaaaay! Thoroughly modern soul and a fresh new talent to boot, we’re loving Moya already! She’s already got some heavyweight music-based clout behind her - not only being described as the female Bruno Mars, she also got Simply Red’s Mick Hucknall to sign her up and Rod Stewart chose her as support for his new tour. She doesn’t half cast a spell over pop geezers of a certain age! Thankfully, she’s also got us under her musical magic spell with this awesomely fresh slice of soulpop delight. Gurl’s got the look, the ‘tude and the tune… she’s the popular gurl in school. You can’t sit with she! But you can listen and enjoy.

Words: Lee Dalloway (@Leeroydalvin) & Sam Baker (@SamTRBaker)

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