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UnFringed - Episode Eight (In Bed with Myra DuBois)

The brassy northern strumpet climbs into bed with our Harry...

Rotherham's least celebrated daughter, we chat with the and only Myra Dubois. What's on the agenda? We have a few drinks, hear of Myra losing her virginity (to a man named Ronald), talk Boney M, Russia and have a hilarious time in bed with Myra during episode eight of UnFringed.

Make sure to catch Myra in Service With a Sneer at the Voodoo Rooms.

As well as bed hopping with the fabulous at the Fringe, we've also been seeing some kick ass shows. Here's a roundup of what we've been loving and living for here at the festival. We weren't expecting to be as taken by Circa: Wunderkammer as much as were. Exquisite performances from an immensely gifted cast who deliver the material beautifully. At times, this show is simply breathtaking. Le Gateau Chocolat in I heart Chocolat gave us chills. We could spend days listening to that beautiful voice belting out the hits. J'adore that Asshole! (It's a term of endearment, don't worry). Briefs: The Second Coming was absolutely PHWOARSOME. If you haven't been able to see this show in Edinburgh, you simply must get to a ticket to one of their upcoming dates at the London Wonderground. We've seen, and loved, the boys before but they've completely upped their game with this show. It's an insanely brilliant production with gorgeous costumes and next level talent… It doesn't get any better than Briefs. It really doesn't. Henson Alternative's Puppet Up! - Uncensored - If, like us, you're a major fan of Sesame Street and the Muppets, you'll love this show. Getting to see puppeteers, and the puppets attached to their extremities, misbehaving through hilarious improvisation is a real treat. Featuring a highly skilled troupe from the adults-only wing of The Jim Henson Company, you are guaranteed a great night out. Amy Hoggart as Pattie Brewster: Just a Normal Girl Doing a Cool Show. "Pattie Brewster is just your average non-creepy dream-girl", says the blurb, and spending an afternoon in Pattie's company was certainly hilarious as she discusses her latest self-help guide to life. The show serves Cat Lady Realness, which is obviously an incredibly amazing thing to be witnessing and the highest compliment. "No mean people or bullies please". The last show in our roundup is the famous La Clique with turns from Scotty the Blue Bunny (more on him in a few blogs time), Piff the Magic Dragon and the Skating Willers (who completely stole the show). In the Famous Spiegeltent, transporting you back to a world of warmth via topnotch variety, we had a fabulous evening escaping the rain and enjoying a night of classic cabaret.


Words: Harry Clayton-Wright (@HClaytonWright)

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