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No surgery, no wigs and no pills!

HIS Hair offers a modern hair loss solution for the style-conscious man.

If you've never heard of Scalp Micropigmentation you'd be easily forgiven. Unless you've actively searched for a way to cover up your hair loss, it is likely you've never come across this option before. The truth however, is that Scalp Micropigmentation (commonly referred to as SMP) was developed in the UK over 10 years ago, and is arguably the world's fastest growing solution for hair loss.

HIS Hair Clinic, conceived by co-Founders Ian Watson and Ranbir Rai-Watson in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter in 2002, first developed this technique when Ian himself started to lose his hair. Since then the business has grown to 17 clinics including locations in London, Manchester, Paris, Marbella, New York, Los Angeles and Dubai.

Effective SMP treatments require highly advanced techniques to place micro-dots of specialist pigment within the upper dermis of the skin. These dots are designed to perfectly replicate the appearance of hair follicles, and if executed by a skilled professional, combine to mimic a full head of shaved hair.

Although SMP is used primarily as a permanent hair loss concealer, it also has other applications including the camouflage of scars, burns and other imperfections, and is commonly used to hide alopecia areata, alopecia totalis and other hair loss related conditions.

Although the technique itself may seem a little outlandish to some, the company boasts more than 10,000 satisfied clients worldwide, backed by a forum with over 85,000 members containing literally hundreds (if not thousands ) of stories written by those who have completed their treatments.

There can be no denying the huge and expanding popularity of this type of solution for hair loss, and it is easy to understand why when compared with traditional avenues. The results achievable by hair transplant surgery can be unpredictable at best, rely on an abundance of suitable donor hair, and the procedure almost always leaves visible scarring. Hair systems, or wigs as they are more commonly known, present all kinds of maintenance and hygiene issues, and often leave the wearer anxious about being discovered. Other solutions such as minoxidil lotion or finasteride tablets offer questionable results, and serious side effects are commonplace.

As Scalp Micropigmentation has gained recognition around the world as a truly viable solution for balding men, the technique has captured the imagination of thousands of hair loss sufferers around the world. Clients travel from all four corners of the globe to HIS Hair. Recent examples include a client from South Korea, another from South Africa and two brothers who travelled to HIS Hair Clinic together from Australia. As new clinic locations have opened in the United States, Dubai and Hong Kong, HIS Hair are treating an increasing number of clients from Canada, the Middle East and from countries such as China, Malaysia and Indonesia.

For more information, pictures and videos take a look at HIS Hair’s website: HIS Hair Clinic

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