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Relive the era of luxury rail travel

Experience rail travel at its very best on the British Pullman and Northern Belle.

Few experiences can compare to a journey on the British Pullman or Northern Belle, sister trains to the renowned Venice Simplon-Orient-Express. Royalty, film stars and heads of state were transported in luxury on these “palaces on wheels” back in the 1920s and 30s, and that Golden Age of Travel has been recreated in all its glory for you to enjoy today.

Stepping on board is like stepping back in time, to an age when train travel was the epitome of sophistication. Much remains the same as it was then - the exquisitely appointed carriages, the liveried stewards, the sumptuous black-tie dinners - but our journeys are as much a celebration of the present as they are of the past and are a great excuse to dress up and have fun. Glide through stunning scenery to exciting destinations all over Britain, dining on lovingly prepared cuisine paired with the finest wines.

British Pullman

This legendary train is a moveable feast of fine dining, silver service and fun.

The British Pullman train embodies everything that was fabulous about the roaring 1920s and ‘30s. In their heyday, these authentic carriages formed part of the most famous and luxurious services in Britain - The Bournemouth Belle, The Brighton Belle, The Queen of Scots and The Golden Arrow. Today, each carriage has been lovingly restored and refurbished, so that you too can experience the glamour of vintage rail travel.

Each of the 11 individual carriages has its own name, décor and history. No journey is complete without taking a stroll through the train, admiring the unique flourishes that make the British Pullman truly one of a kind: veneered panels, decorated with exquisite art deco marquetry; plush and roomy armchairs; tables set with linen, silver, crystal and blush-pink lamps; brass luggage racks that gleam overhead. The British Pullman might be an homage to days gone by, but the cuisine is resolutely contemporary, with seasonally changing menus created by our Executive Head Chef and team.

Then, of course, there’s the scenery. Whether you’re heading off to a sporting event, a day trip, historic site or a weekend break, look out of the window as castles, stately homes, cathedrals and other great landmarks pass you by. Marvel at the beauty of Britain’s countryside—a magical backdrop to your journey.

Northern Belle

Just like its older sister, the Northern Belle celebrates the era of elegant rail travel.

Step on board and you’re immediately transported back to the glamorous 1930s, when beautifully appointed “Belle” trains - the inspiration behind the Northern Belle - traversed the country in unrivalled comfort and style.

The carriages evoke the golden age of travel in all its glory - inside and out. From the hand-painted and sign-written exterior to the luxuriously decorated interior - furnished by a local designer, with all fabrics handmade by local seamstresses - no detail has been overlooked. Walk through the train and you’ll discover magnificent floor mosaics, gleaming brassware and stylish ceiling murals.

Most impressive is the ornate veneered marquetry lining the walls, hand-crafted using methods that have scarcely changed for centuries and inspired by the great British castles and stately homes after which the carriages are named. Behind the scenes, a team of engineers, housekeepers, train managers, chefs and kitchen assistants are working to make your journey a seamless travel experience, from beginning to end.

Celebrations and fabulous food go hand in hand. Our Executive Head Chef and team take great pride in their seasonally changing menus, which come with a dash of flavour from the regions the train visits on its journeys. Despite its name, the Northern Belle doesn’t travel solely around the north of England. It departs from over 60 regional stations across the UK, on day trips and weekend breaks to some of Britain’s best-loved destinations.

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