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Review: Lovelace

"Good girls don't do that"

Amanda Seyfried is usually associated with fluffier, light hearted roles. She faced a Daddy dilemma in Mamma Mia, sang her heart out as courageous Cousette in Les Misérables and her breasts could always tell when it was raining in Mean Girls. Well, the talent of those body parts doesn’t stop there as she takes on a very different role as 70s porn star Linda Lovelace.

For those who don’t know much about the porn industry like us *coughs* Linda Lovelace is possibly the most famous porn star of all time. She shot to fame in 1972 starring in sell out blue movie Deep Throat, one of the first pornographic films to feature a “storyline”. The plot involved Linda discovering her clitoris in her throat, a daily medical issue we are sure. Seeking help for the problem doctor Young is luckily on hand to help her out.

From the opening sequences it’s clear this is Seyfried as we’ve never seen her before. Chain smoking, topless and some marvellous hair-don'ts we meet a young Linda Boreman. Working as a Go-Go dancer at a local roller disco she laps up the attention. This is where she meets boyfriend Chuck who introduces her to the porn industry and becomes her manager.

Her porn debut and transformation to Linda Lovelace is not unsettling but glamorised. There’s ample of hilarious scenes during the making of Deep Throat too. When a scene comes to an early finish (no pun intended) Linda naively asks “Did I do something wrong?” Adam Brody plays the doctor who sporting a porno tash adds his on screen geeky charm. With jokes and innuendoes a plenty, we are introduced to Sex and the City’s Mr Big who plays Deep Throat’s financier, and James Franco plays Hugh Heffner. This adds to the already strong cast which includes a plausible Sharon Stone who plays Linda’s hard faced mother.

As Deep Throat becomes a phenomenon Linda happily works the red carpet with her money makers on show. With a sequel to follow and Lovelace enterprises in full swing she lives life in the limelight. Giggling and posing for cameras she becomes the poster girl for the sexual revolution. However this poster girl's joyful and free spirit is far from what it seems.
The humour suddenly evaporates as the plot takes a turn of dark and disturbing. It's six years later when the film dips into the past. A drained looking Linda takes a polygraph test to prove allegations made for her aptly titled autobiography “Ordeal”. As we delve into the past some sequences prove difficult to watch as Linda experiences appalling emotional, physical and sexual violence.

The authenticity of Seyfried’s performance will make your heart fall to the pit of your stomach. Even though you want her to defy her husband’s demands when she does the chilling music freezes you in your seat. It’s a clever move from directors Jeffery Friedman and Rob Epstein to deliver the story in this way, as scenes we have previously watched are revisited the shocking truth is revealed.

Lovelace is a fantastic piece of biopic cinema where Seyfried successfully showcases her versatility in this heartfelt role. We’re sure she’ll be raking in the awards for her outstanding performance that Linda Boreman would have been proud of.

GT gives it a 4/5

Lovelace is released Friday 23rd August. Check out the trailer below and look out for a cheeky little quote from team GT:

Words: Benjamin Spence

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