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CUNTemporary: Hard Camp

CUNTemporary art comes to the capital...

CUNTemporary (note, that wasn't a typo) is a London-based organisation that promotes queer, feminist and visual arts, is set to debut a contemporary art and club night on Saturday 17 August.

Hard Camp is a pop-up exhibition, showcasing fashion, performance art and music with a dollop of camp and fetish offerings.

Through interpretive art and performance, the event's aim is to integrate the two 'apparently' contrasting aesthetics that are typically associated with gay culture: the gimp leather fetish with the more allegedly 'effeminate' colourful camp. Media and art practitioners from around the world have come together to create a dialogue between these two aesthetic forms, which has been curated by Golsmiths alumna Giulia Casalini, in collaboration with Ana Grahovac and Diana Georgiou.

Attendee's can also expect to see artworks and live performances throughout the venue, by the likes of of C├ęcile Emmanuelle Borra, Lewis Burton, Dahc Dermur/VIII a.k.a. Amy Kingsmill, Andie Macario, Narcissister and many more, with fashion by Naddy Sane and DJs Matryoshka, Chadd Curry and Bunni Splanchnik spinning CUNTemporary tunes.

Along with your gimp mask and neon vest, remember to pack your dancing shoes. Expect to hear trashy electro, eastern Euro pop and some dirty techno as well as some darker, experimental beats for those PVC moments later on.

Whether you're hard, soft, or just camp, get down to the Resistance Gallery on Sat 17 August at 265 Poyser Street, London. The exhibition will be held from 8pm - 2am. See the website for more info.

Words: Eleri Roberts

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