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The Guyliner is now ticking a different box on the survey

Time to buy a hat - The Guyliner is giving up dating...

Do you go on dates?

Are they interesting? Funny? Embarrassing? Romantic? Appalling?

Can you string a sentence together? And another one? And further ones until they form something very readable indeed?

Do you want to be GT’s new dating columnist?

If the answer to ALL of those is yes, then you might want to get yourself measured up for a new pair of tatty Converse, because you might just be stepping into my shoes.

Regular readers of my dating blog and my Twitter dribbling will know that I’m off the shelf, have been whisked from the market (and not because of a product recall) and have, after years of Guylining, got myself into what I believe a dictionary would call a relationship. No, please, don’t cry. I know. It’s better this way.

What this means is there’s half a page in a magazine to fill and, well, if you’re single, going on dates regularly and feel you have a story to share, it could be your words nestling in there.

We’re not looking for another Bridget Jones and certainly not a Carrie Bradshaw – we want something a little bit different. Witty, clever, funny, self-deprecating but not fake modest or a doormat, generally brilliant and, most of all, GT’s readers have to really want to read your next column. We don’t want to hear about idiots you chat to on Grindr or random hook-ups. We’re looking for real stories in every form: heart-warming, hot, hopeless, horrible – the lot. And they have to be REAL – no making them up or pretending. We’ll KNOW.

So, if you think you’re up to the job, prove it. Write about a date you’ve been on that you think would make a good column. Absolutely no more than 350 words, and no naming and shaming of your date – let’s keep it classy.

And remember, not a single “I couldn’t help but wonder…” or it goes in the bin. Be funny, be smart, be you – leave Carrie to fester in her glorified shoe cupboard.

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