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Charlie Hides: KYLIE WHOOO?

"Cher" meets Kylie in an awesome display of divadom!

Charlie Hides has had GT in stitches once again! His latest video is not only his bitchiest yet, but also features the actual Kylie Minogue!

KYLIE WHOOO? is the latest episode from the hilarious, dragalicious diva, who, styled as Cher, rips into our Kylie with phrases like, “I’m sure Dannii would have told me if she had a sister.” Cher repeatedly roasts the Divine Ms M, insulting her height and being unable to name a single single from the Pop Princess.

Now a YouTube sensation, Charlie Hides has amassed a cult following impersonating the ‘Queens of Pop’, with the likes of Lady Gaga, Madonna, Cher, Lana Del Rey and more under his wig. Expect Charlie to break his Most Watched Video record with this winning star cameo… *applause*

Check out the video below...

Words: Luke Stamps

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