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GT Weekender: Sink The Pink

It's time to think Pink...

Last weekend, Team GT were out in force for one of the most ridiculously fun nights of the year! Yes, the Miss Sink The Pink contest sees deliciously deranged drag queens and tremendously twerkin’ trannies competing for the honour of being crowned Miss Sink The Pink, all the glitter they can stuff down their knickers and, if they’re lucky, their bus fare home.

If you haven’t heard of Sink The Pink then where the hell have you been? Started by bezzie mates Amy and Glynn back in 2008, the duo were disillusioned with the homo clubbing scene and wanted to create a fun-loving alternative, full-to-bursting with neon lycra, sparkles and more nylon wigs than a Peckham hairdressers. And boy did they. Sink The Pink is now a cult favourite not just in London but all over the UK. Wherever the STP Slag wagon ends up you can expect guilty pleasure choons, overblown performances, glamorous makeovers (lovingly called ‘glitter my shitter’). Not forgetting the odd ice cool celeb, such as Nick Grimshaw and Ben Whishaw (all the shaws!) hanging around and getting felt up by a frisky fella with a Primark clutch purse.

The original London party is held at Bethnal Green Working Men’s cClub - literally an old school working men’s club transformed into a trendy hangout with some Blue Peter-style decorations and a gigantic, camp pink heart made of big light bulbs. The ‘working men’ happily mingle with the gays, strays and easy lays of STP, sometimes even donning a weave themselves.

And, of course, let’s not forget the legendary rickety stage, where our fierce contestants strutted for their lives to impress the Miss Sink The Pink contest judges, which this year included the gorgeous Ollie Locke from Made in Chelsea, Dan Gillespie-Sells from The Feeling, with Gemma Cairney and Laura May Coope from Radio 1. Plus GT’s very own Assistant Editor Lee Dalloway, who was livid that the eventual winner had stolen his drag name... Leona Lewisham! Proving way too fierce for our Leeona with those divine dutty wines and Beyonce drops, Mr Dalloway has now resigned himself to his new name... Naomi Camberwell. And Leona Lewisham will undoubtedly be coming to stage near you soon. Or at least a street corner.

An immense night of budget carnage and absolutely heaving with fit boys, luscious 'laydeez' and tradge drags, check out the Sink The Pink website to find out where the next shindig is. Plus, have a butchers at the video of the Miss Sink The Pink 2013 Contest below.

Words: Lee Dalloway

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