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Dandy Licks: Friday 12 July

Britney Spears yesterday unleashed a new video where she looked flamin' fantastic! Finally, no more of that 'dead-behind-the-eyes' thing she was rockin' on The X Factor (was that just us?) Sadly, the over-produced sound that came pouring out of her cakehole made ears spontaneously combust in terror around GT Towers. So we've soothed ourselves with these lovely eardrum tingling slabs of pop delight...

Mutya Keisha Siobhan - Flatline
Yeah, every gay and his manbag-dwelling Chihuahua has probably heard this by now, but we couldn't leave it out. Most definitely our single of the week, Mutya, Keisha and Siobhan have been in the studio for what feels like thirty years, keeping us salivating at their musical teet as we wait for their Origibabes outpourings. Is that analogy a bit too graphic? Let's move on... The result is an absolutely stunning slab of dreamy-lite electropop that builds into a delicious, contemporary pop stomper. And those harmonies! LAWD we've missed these three on record together. Vocally more mature - and let's hope personally, too, so they don't disband after one album, we can't WAIT to hear more from these awesome ladies. Welcome back, gurls.

London Grammar - Strong
Rather than jump right in with the latest hands-in-the-air, handbag-at-yer-feet homo dancefloor stomper, we're gonna ease you in with some musical foreplay this week. Our second single of the week (oh, go on, indulge us!) has to be this absolutely stunning track from indierock trio London Grammar, which immediately made us stop flirting with the new office intern and bathe in its gorgeousness. Hannah Reid's captivating vocal is drenched in a production that manages to be gentle yet epically cinematic all at once. London Grammar met at Nottingham uni and have been making stunning tunage ever since. Expect comparisons with The XX... then forget them and enjoy how beautiful this is in its own right.

Annie – Back Together
And now we dance! Norwegian native Annie is gearing up for the release of a sparkling new EP and she’s unleashed this little gem to tease our musical taste buds while we wait for it to drop. Back Together marks the return of the starlet’s signature sound, which intertwines synth-heavy beats with an ethereal yet expertly distinctive vocal tone that effortlessly synchronises with her indie pop flavour. Co-written with Little Boots, and produced by the one and only Richard X, it has all the right ingredients of a certified electro stomper. Still managing to churn out the goods despite only little to moderate success, Annie is quite clearly the reigning queen of consistency. Y’all bow down, bitches.

Janelle Monáe – Dance Apocalyptic
Here at GT, we LOVE Janelle Monáe, and if you haven’t heard of her yet you certainly will be in the coming months! (Check out Cold War if you haven't. AWESOME!) The Electric Lady’s new single basks in a pool of retro-coolness with a funky fresh beat that bounces frantically over a genius collection of hooks, including ‘smash smash’, ‘bang bang’ and, of course, ‘cha-lang-a-lang-a-lang.’ Easily comparable to Bruno Mars in terms of charisma and flat-out soul, the Kansas born firecracker certainly packs a punch for such a tiny gal. Just 5' 3" and jumping, sliding, swinging and generally killin' it in the black and white themed video which is full to the brim with enough energy to power GaGa’s extensive collection of LED wear. And then some. Gurl be rockin’ one hell of a weave, too!

Le Grind – I Was There (Where Were You?)
Camp, comical and costing about a tenner by the looks of the video: enter London trio Le Grid with their new summer single ‘I Was There (Where Were You?)’ - the party is finally getting started! Sounding like Basement Jaxx and Scissor Sisters embarked a night of drunken bedroom antics/kinky role-play and gave birth to this delicious bastard nine months later; this song is an obvious take on last year's queer anthem, which taught a generation of gayers the meaning of the word ‘kiki.’ With a quirky club beat and enough quotable lyrics to fill an entire Tumblr page, this gimmicky jam is a sure-fire hit at any decent festivity. Lock the doors!

Words: Lee Dalloway @Leeroydalvin
Sam Baker @SamTRBaker

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