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Live gig: Iggy Azalea storms Fabric

Iggy Azalea humps Fabric's floor with her beats

Earlier this week we went to see auspicious Australian rapper Iggy Azalea at London superclub Fabric, as part of HP’s Connected Music initiative (that’s HP the sleek electronics company... not HP the tangy condiment company).

Iggy’s hit it big time in the last few months, gaining a string of hit singles, festival gigs and increasingly expensive hair extensions. She’s even been in a Twitter fight with Azealia Banks - and when that happens you know you’ve made it.

Iggy has been embroiled in controversy by some unimaginative people of late, who are annoyed she’s a rapper because, like, she's white and, like, a woman. Well to them we invoke the five Gs: Good God Girl Get a Grip. Her performance was well worthy of the hip-hop hall of fame, regardless of skin tone or sexual organs.

There was anticipation in the air (and beer on the floor) in one of Fabric’s cavernous arches, as the lights dimmed and Iggy marched out to greet her baying admirers, armed with waist-length golden locks, a chair, and two formidably curvy backing dancers. She kicked off with the artfully electric stomper Beat Down, spitting lyrics with frenetic precision.

After a breathless pause to yell about how much she loved London, she dove into Drugs, swiftly followed by T.I. collaboration Murda Bizness (Murda Bizness is our favourite). She simultaneously humped the floor and whipped her hair, which, in terms of dance move combos, is pretty much an undisputed winner.

Next came her new single Bounce - an exotically esoteric summer anthem of a track. Then it was Grindr orgy playlist favourite Pu$$y. Raw and rude, Pu$$y does exactly what it says on the tin, and we love it. Pouting and panting for breath, she finished up with Work, which most of you have probably already heard on the radio, or wafting from
a window in East London somewhere.

Glitter flew, the music boomed to a halt, and Iggy’s dazed adorers stumbled out satisfied, sexualised and definitely not sanitised.

Bounce is available to download on Itunes. Check it out.

Here’s the music video. There’s an elephant in it...

Words: Dylan B Jones

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