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Review: Up4aMeet

GT was up4it to catch us a bit of Lloyd Daniels’ naked flesh – and boy were we not disappointed.

Up4aMeet is the brainchild of former ITN entertainment reporter Jeff Moody, tracking the lives of four men, one celeb agent, one Z-lister, and one sex surfing GPS app. Yes, it’s basically a play about Grindr - which is about as corny and predictable as a gay play could come. But thankfully Up4aMeet knows exactly how cheap it is, and runs with it.

It’s got a cast straight out of an episode of Celebrity Come Dine With Me, with former BB babe Nikki Grahame playing the role of a desperate Z-list celeb, and former X Factor fifth placer (and GT naked shoot star), Lloyd Daniels, pretending to be innocent. Meanwhile Benedict Garrett – who, if you don’t know, is a teacher-come-pornstar from Big Brother 2012 – bares all as a Spanish naturist. God knows what the casting call asked for, but hell did we love the outcome.

Up4aMeet delves into whether, in the age of virtual reality, you really need to meet someone to fall in love with them - or if in fact six hours of sexting counts. And when the horny housemates get their hands on ‘The C*ck Shop’ (you can probably guess what that is) and mis-place their phones, all hell breaks lose as they exaggerate their true selves and swap lives.

You couldn’t scream car crash louder than this play does. But with its gratuitous nudity, outrageous script, constant self-deprecation and so-bad-they’re-good cast, this play ends up being hysterically funny. We’re not talking “LOL”, we’re talking PMSL, LMAO, ROFLcopter hilarious.

Up4aMeet is the most gratuitous and outrageous show we’ve seen in a long time – and we loved it. Tickets are £16, and the show is heading on a national tour, which definitely deserves to sell out. Click here to get an eye-full.

GT gives it 4/5

Words: Benjamin Butterworth

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