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Robbie rocks Wembley

Let Robbie entertain you

‘London, we have history’ declared Robbie Williams to the 60 000-strong crowd packed into Wembley stadium, for the final UK appearance of his Take the Crown tour. The man who singularly dominated the charts throughout the late nineties and early noughties with nine studio albums and fourteen number one singles is back with a vengeance.

Supported by singer/presenter/fedora-lover Olly Murs, who did a very good job of warming the crowd up with his catchy songs and cheeky banter, Williams made quite the entrance onto the stage flying in on a zip wire and wearing a black sequinned dinner jacket like a rather fabulous circus ringmaster. ‘Allow me to introduce myself. I am Robbie Williams and for the next two hours, your ass is mine’ he screamed at the crowd, and it screamed back with excitement.

There is only one song that Williams can ever open his shows with and it is obviously Let Me Entertain You, which got the crowd ready for a nostalgic run down memory lane. It really is easy to forget just how many good songs Williams has had, and even if you’re not a fan, you’ll still smile when you hear the intro – She’s the One, Feel, Sin Sin Sin and Bodies all make an appearance, while Murs returned to the stage to sing the duet Kids, the song Williams did with gay favourite Kylie Minogue. Williams hasn’t lost any of the stage presence that he exuded in his prime, showing off as he marched from one side of the arena to the other, precariously waving his microphone stick like a phallic baton and flirting with his three sassy back up singers.

The production was an exercise in utter vanity. Watching over the arena was a large gold Robbie face, which was animated with an animal face during his performance of Me and My Monkey, and three other Robbie heads joined the singer on stage throughout the show. Williams literally danced on his own face on a large mirrored bust during Rock DJ, while a silver head rolled onto the stage and burst open to release a brain of red and yellow balloons. Robbie always was full of himself, but this stage design took him to a whole new level of narcissism.

But in spite of all the showmanship, it was evident that dear Robbie was still licking his wounds and sucking on some rather sour grapes since Radio 1 morning DJ Nick Grimshaw refused to play his more recent single Candy and labelled him ‘irrelevant’ to his listeners, who he says are more interested in One Direction and not the 38 year old singer. ‘Have I still got it?’ asked Robbie to the crowd and received a torrent of applause and cheering in reply.

During his performance of Come Undone, William quite touchingly asked ‘Wembley, am I still your son?’ Although Robbie moved to the USA, did a rehab stint and now possesses a rather questionable accent at times, he is still the same old Robbie who knows how to please a crowd, who can wear a gold sequin blazer without losing an ounce of machismo, and who definitely has still got it, in spite of some people’s opinion. Robbie is back and we will definitely have him.

Words: Darcy Rive

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