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Luke Jermay: Sixth Sense

A period act, dragged into a modern setting, Luke Jermay turns the Leicester Square theatre into a delightful puzzle-box with some remarkably accurate feats of mind-reading...

As the curtain goes up (so to speak, there are no actual curtains) Jermay pledges not to embarrass or upset and audience participants... you know, unless it was really funny. If (like us) you’re not too shy for a public show-and-tell of the contents of your brain, and don’t mind sharing the names of your first kiss, childhood best friend, maybe your PIN number, then roll-up roll-up!

Unaccountably on the money and charismatic to boot, Jermay draws images and sounds from passages in books randomly selected by audience participants. It’s a performance where the journey seems more important than the destination, and the how rather than the what is where our interest lies. Some highlights include accurately predicting the colour of one theatre-goers underwear and teasing the story of a moonlight streak in the snow out of a very handsome (if red-faced) man. We wouldn’t necessarily mind a peek up the sleeves of this magician!

Make sure you go and catch this show, it's a bit of a spellbinder!

GT gives this a: 4/5.

Luke Jermay ‘Sixth Sense’ runs until 13 July 2013 Leicester Square Theatre, London. 

Words: Tim Mitchell

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