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Club to Catwalk: London Fashion in the 1980s at the V&A

Shoulder pads and bubble perms and fingerless gloves... oh my!

The 80s. A decade that if you were not born in, or lived through, then you feel like you really missed out on something, don’t you? Well, by the looks of the current exhibition at the V&A Museum in South Kensington, London you really did miss out on stacks of fierce fashion!

Club to Catwalk: London Fashion in the 1980s’ shows how crazy, creative and downright fun many of those quintessential 80s looks really were. In clubland especially, your image defined who you were and what tribe you belonged to, so you can try to spot any styles that you and your mates used to rock or you could wonder what kind of tribe you would have belonged to if you had been born early enough to be an 80s wild child. (We SO would have been hanging out with the Glam-Fetish boys FYI).

Around 85 outfits will be on display to show the huge spectrum of different styles that made up the era. The ‘Catwalk’ section looks at the designs and designers that stood out in their time and created fashions that people still look back on and sigh.

Art schools like Central Saint Martins thrived in the 80s; full of ambitious and daring designers who took their clothes from the classroom to the dance floor to show them off. Clubs like Heaven and magazines like I-D cut their teeth in
the 80s to enjoy the great reputations they have now, and there will also be an enclosed club room where you can listen to 80s music and watch club footage on screen. Just like being there!

The exhibition opened this week and runs until February next year at the V&A in London. Please note: all clothes and accessories are securely pinned down by curators at the museum so you can’t steal anything. Even if you did own it back in the day!

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Words : Liam Johnson
Images: Ensemble with exotic references, i-D, no. 24, April 1985. Styled by Rifat Ozbek © Johnny Rozsa
Night out with Boy George, 1980 © Michael Costiff

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