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Review: Los Vivancos - Aeturnum

Seven ripped, Spanish brothers bring flamenco to a new audience.

GT respects you too much to lie to you, so we'll confess straight away that as much as we like attending dance shows, we were seduced into attending this one by the image of the aforementioned brothers (see above). Call us shallow if you must. But believe us when we say we came away from London's Coliseum last night more impressed by their skills than their looks. Oh okay then, let's call it a draw.

Having performed since they were children Los Vivancos have been dancing together as a company since 2006. The influence of Cirque du Soleil is clear in their ostentatious show which combines flamenco with elements of ballet and martial arts and a large dose of spectacle. If that was't enough, the brothers are not only dancers, but musicians too, with instruments featuring heavily in their act.

The rhythm of the show goes something like this: Following a slow-building entrance all seven brothers dance synchronously, their feet moving at improbable speeds as one of them occasionally flashes a masculine grimace at the audience. After building to a crescendo, a handful of the boys get to show off some of their more individual skills before regrouping for some more dazzling footwork. This is repeated until each of the seven siblings has had their moment under the spotlight. It's slick and almost impossibly energetic. At times these sweaty, sinewy hunks stamping furiously as they revolve around each other come across like a hybrid of Riverdance and the Chippendales.

Highlights included one of the brothers playing an instrument that looked like a cross between a violin and a cello whilst doing the splits in mid-air, suspending himself using his only his feet. Or when a flamenco 'fight' culminated in one brother dancing on the other's chest. And, of course, when they appeared shirtless for the first time in preparation for their final few numbers. While the former two elicited gasps, this last happening was greeted with cheers, so at least we knew we were in like-minded company.

All of this made for an engaging, and exciting, evening, although for now it was for one night only in the UK. We advise you to keep your eye on for details of their future performances.

GT gives this a: 4/5

Los Vivancos appeared the London Coliseum, home to the English National Opera,

Words: Alexander Smith

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