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All-American Boy: Steve Grand

A gay country singer... and HOT to boot!

Who hasn’t dreamed about snagging themselves an gorgeous American boy? The last person who sang about it was Estelle, and presumably she bagged herself one because we haven’t heard much from her since. These newest vocalised yearnings come from a guy called Steve Grand and his song ‘All-American Boy’.

The song is about a few mis-judged signals from a cuite across a campfire, with Steve subsequently falling in
love. Later on in the video, and a few beers later, some harmless skinny dipping leads to our lovestruck warbler planting a big kiss on the lips of his Romeo. The only problem is that the dude is straight. Oh dear. This then leads to more tortured singing in a field of discarded red cups and burnt out fireworks.

Apparently, the story behind the song comes from Grand’s own experiences of unrequited love and he wanted to sing the song to help those who have experience a similar thing. Well, we can all relate to that (except for the skinny-dipping part, it may be summer but it’s not that hot). Now that this song has garnered him quite a bit of attention, over 400,000 views so far, he might just be on his way to being the next big country music sensation. Think of him as a gay, country-style Carly Rae Jepsen... but without the happy ending. *sad face*

Check out the video below...

Words: Liam Johnson

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