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Dandy Licks: Friday 5 July

What we're rockin' at GT Towers this week!

Cyril Hahn - Perfect Form (Feat. Shy Girls)
Mr Hahn first came to our attention with his AWESOME remixes of tracks by Solange, Destiny’s Child, Mariah Carey and more, placing some of our favourite hits into his ethereal dream-pop blender. The Switzerland-born producer has just the right breathy vocal tone we like to hear on our electro breezers and this new tune is just stunning. With those vocals overlaid on a bed of slick rhythm and light, outer-spacey (forgive us) synths, for us, this pretty much screams ‘festival anthem of 2013.’ Pass us our wellies, love, we’re ready to get down and dutty!

Le Youth – C O O L
Conceived by DJ and producer Wes James, otherwise known as Le Youth, some of you might actually find this song a tad familiar as you grind your body to the heavy dance beat, and rightly so. The track is a tantalising re-work of Diddy’s girl, Cassie and her 2006 R&B smash ‘Me & U’ which it infuses with a ‘90s-driven sound to give a modern and unique twist. After several listens, we’re pretty sure it’s on par with the original in terms of sheer infectiousness, even after the dodgy title change which we can only assume was implemented in attempt to avoid a bollocking for the shameful sample. Where else is Cassie going to get her royalties?!

Queen of Hearts - Neon
Warning – this song ranks pretty high up on the list as far as blatant gay capitalising goes, but that’s never stopped us raving before. Glossy electro beats and pulsating bass make this corker a glimmering remedy for any bluesy do, whilst her majesty Queen of Hearts’ clean, breathy vocal styling is sophisticated enough that it would make even Goldfrapp proud (or want to sue!) The video dedicates a rather large portion of its time to a dyad of flexible muscle men, to which we curtsey in gratification - though, we’ll overlook the oh-so-wrong semen bath, thank you very much. Criminally overlooked on its original release, this gurl needs some mass attention pleeeeeeease!

Natalia Kills - Saturday Night
The dark-pop siren once again brings her preened and polished demeanour to our attention with an amazing track that is arguably one of the best of her career so far. The chorus’ bellowing shouts seem intrinsic to the mannerisms of Cyndi Lauper back when she use to come home in the morning light, but with added squander and regret, as Kills proclaims to put her ‘dancing shoes on real tight ‘cos it’s just another Saturday Night.’ Chock-full of drama and quotable lyricism, this gem reeks of the envy of Pop’s aristocracy who could only dream of coming up with something as instantaneously understated and epic.

Acid Washed – Fire N’ Rain
Andrew Claristidge and Richard D’Alpert of Parisian duo Acid Washed are bringing the goods with this corker of a tune, which evokes the origins of techno and house with a kaleidoscope of vintage synths and authentic soul. Taken from their album ‘House of Melancholy’, which has been fondly described as a ‘synthetic cocktail’, it’s safe to say everything is looking pretty damn promising. We’re also diggin’ the Breakfast Club-inspired video too, which displays some rather questionable dancing that reminds of us of something you’d see if you were invited for brunch with the Fresh Prince at the Bel Air mansion. Take us back!

Words: Lee Dalloway @Leeroydalvin and Sam Baker @SamTRBaker

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