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The Queen of Camden lives on...

Amy Winehouse immortalised in street art.

Almost two years since the death of Amy Winehouse, her reign as queen of Camden is still going strong, cemented even more so by the appearance of some new street art putting her on her rightful throne entitled ‘Queen of Camden’.

The new piece by acclaimed street artist Pegasus is unmistakably Amy, whose trademark tattoos
are visible above a fur shawl complete with signature beehive and eyeliner. ‘It’s classic Pegasus,’ says
spokesman for the artist, Andrew Gallagher. ’Amy is an icon to many music fans and it’s right that this work not only commemorates her tragic death, but celebrates her life in Camden too.’ The image is simultaneously glamorous and melancholic, as the image of Amy eyes closed, dream-like recalls her untimely death three years ago. The golden halo around her head casts her in a heavenly light, is also a nod to the continued idolising of Amy by her fans.

This is not the first Amy tribute that has appeared in her old neighbourhood, one of the most notable being
another Pegasus work entitled ‘Fallen Angel’, which became an unofficial shrine to the singer on the day of her death.

The work adorns the side of The Earl of Camden pub on Parkway, along the same street as the Jewish Museum, which currently has an exhibition celebrating the life of Amy Winehouse. The piece is sure to prompt a smile from the many Amy fans who stumble upon it and are reminded that Camden and its Queen are inextricably linked.

See more from Pegasus here and here.

You can also catch Amy Winehouse: A Family Portrait, an original exhibition co-curated with her brother Alex and sister-in-law Riva, which runs until 15 September 2013 at the Jewish Museum, London.

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