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Wagamama Spring/Summer 2013 Menu

A fresh and spicy start to your summer...

There’s nothing better than sashaying down to London’s vibrant Southbank on a sunny summer’s eve, especially when you’ve got a craving for a spot of Japanese cuisine. Thankfully, you don’t have to schlep to Central London from wherever you are to enjoy Wagamama’s delicious new Spring/Summer menu, as it’s been rolled out across all of its branches.

Let’s kick off by talking about those summer rolls: available in beef and chicken, this is a ridiculously tasty way to start your dining experience. Lovely handfuls of marinated chilli beef or miso chicken with wasabi rocket, shredded carrot, cucumber, mushrooms, asparagus, beansprouts, celery, coriander and mooli wrapped in rice paper, served with a chilli and coriander dipping sauce. Just delicious.

Then it was superfoods a go go with the bean and glass noodle salad - that’s glass noodles obvs, not shards of glass. You may laugh but our dining partner was a little perplexed by the title of this dish. One too many Sakes wethinks! Plus the chicken miso salad is less fancy but just as lush, as both salads have a satisfyingly crunchy texture with a taste that just screams fresh.

We won’t lie, we’re fans of big portions and a satisfying ‘full belly’ feeling after our meals. While the salads are lovely, they may not do that for you, so we decided to sample the new Chicken Tom Yum soup, a spicy blend of rice noodles, coconut and lemongrass soup topped with stir-fried chicken, courgettes, mushrooms, red and spring onions and beansprouts. This is where we realised our eyes may be too big for our bellies, but it didn’t stop us wolfing down this satisfying broth. An explosion of flavours here, but be warned, this tangy lil’ number will have you reaching for the hand fan Marie Antoinette-style thanks to its fiery goodness.

Thankfully, there are a couple of gorge new Summer juices to sooth the palate, with the mango apple and orange juice and the strawberry, apple, orange and mint juice. Immensely refreshing and, once again, with a taste so fresh it’s like we toiled on the farm, plucked the fruit and squeezed it all ourselves. We ordered double of this little beauty as it went down so easily. Not too sweet and thoroughly thirst quenching.

If you want a fresh, zingy meal that tastes homegrown and with a range of tastes and textures, the new Wagamama Spring/Summer menu is the one for you.

Check out the full menu and your nearest Wagamama restaurant here.

Words: Gregory Bahnhof

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