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2 become 1: Matt Cardle and Melanie C

Matt and Sporty Spice unite in song! We’ll need a BaCARDLE and coke after this one…

X Factor 2009 winner and ‘When We Collide’ warbler Matt Cardle has resurfaced with a brand new comeback single ‘Loving You’, and he’s reeled in the services of resident Spice lady Melanie C for good measure. We don’t actually know how the two met, but that’s one interesting combination! Did Melanie C's recent music collaborator Jodie Harsh have anything to do with it? She gets everywhere that one!

As a questionable love song about two friends that like to engage in a few nightly romps (‘I wanna get under your body, take you over, come undone’), the lyrics take a decidedly different stance in the chorus as both Matt and Mel question each other’s infidelity in a spout of interrogative paranoia (‘Who do you think about when I’m not with you? Does somebody hold you when you let me go?’) Honestly, it’s safe to say we’ve all been there.

The mellow number boasts a few solid verses and a pinch of melodic charm that seems pleasant enough, though we can’t help but draw an obvious comparison with the 1998 classic ‘When You’re Gone’ which already saw Sporty harmonising on a duet with Bryan Adam’s, and with much more gusto at that. We might have to give it a few more listens, but, quite frankly, we’re certain we’ve already bought that t-shirt and grown attached to the original cheese stains.

Check out the lyric video below...

Words: Sam Baker

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