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P!nk & Lily dish the dirt

The course of True Love runs smoothly on the ear...

Everyone’s favourite multi-million selling MILF, P!nk is back with a brand new music video for ‘True Love’, and she’s only gone and bagged a bitchin’ cameo from esteemed songstress, she of the norf London singin' style, Lily Allen (or whatever she’s going by these days!)

Taken from the hugely successful album ‘The Truth About Love’, the track takes a slight detour from its two vulnerable predecessors, ‘Try’ and ‘Just Give Me A Reason’ in favour of a more playful, tongue-in-cheek approach that executes P!nk’s winning formula of satire and blatant realness almost seamlessly.

We’re loving the pop art inspired video here at GT Towers, which gives us a little taster of what life is like backstage for the pop star and her fun lil' family. Including husband Carey Hart and daughter Willow, as they freefall in giant blenders and escape over-sized puppets - just your average day at the office then. Better still, it also features a long-awaited return from the definitive Lily as she contemplates her relationship while hacking away at a rather thick carrot. We don’t sense any metaphorical value here, so we can only assume her aggression is due to disproportioning ingredients for her vegetable smoothie.

Either way, it’s one hell of a gif-worthy 3 minute and 50 seconds! We think it must be love.

Words: Sam Baker

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