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Ada + Nik

Something (hot!) for the weekend, sir?

Fancy sprucing up your wardrobe with the latest in men’s independent fashion, by one of the hottest up and coming designers? Then we suggest you look no further...

From the minds of designer Ada Zanditon and fashion creative Nik Thakkar comes Ada + Nik - a unique new menswear brand showing at London Collections: Men this season, which features ten unique pieces bringing to life Nik Thakkar’s adoration for a monochrome and minimalist luxe aesthetic whilst nodding to Ada Zanditon’s previous collections.

Uniting in their mutual admiration for creative inspiration, Zanditon and Thakkar came to the conclusion that the only sensible thing to do was to combine their expertise and co-create a distinctive and cutting-edge label. Thus, came the birth of Ada + Nik.

The debut collection, which is all ethnically sourced and produced, includes sheer and eel skin t-shirts, kilts, two pairs of leather detailed shorts, a leather detailed kilt, a statement biker jacket "Caesar", open back structured dress shirts and calf leather cape; with, of course accompanying swimwear and tank tops. We’re getting excited just thinking about it!
We also recommend that you check out the brand’s Grecian-themed campaign video, which features some rather raunchy looking studs. Phwoar.

Check them out at and have a butchers at their stunning campaign below.

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