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Review: The Supreme Fabulettes

Viva La Drag!

Chronicling their 50 year history, Viva la Drag is the (almost) true story of the world’s biggest selling all male female vocal group, The Supreme Fabulettes.

Taking us from the Motown-fuelled sixties right through to Nicki Minaj, via Nashville and Cell Block H, the show is one slick performance after another, all beautifully packaged in sequins and skyscraper heels. The live vocals hit the mark every time, and the unexpected inclusion of Beyonce’s Crazy in Love in a medley of 1940s-style “performing for the troops” numbers was sheer genius... and had the audience dancing along, too!

Eschewing glamour and sparkles, the star of the show was Sheila Simmonds, spiritual advisor to the girls, who was our narrator for the evening. In understated diamante flats and a polyester blend suit from her very own clothing line (#busylady), Sheila told the story of disgraced former member Silver Summers, and how the Fabulettes finally had their reality TV revenge.

Directed by Kylie Minogue’s creative director William Baker, and featuring original songs by Boy George, there isn’t a more fabulous way start to your Pride weekend than Viva la Drag!

GT gives this a: 4/5

Words: Carrie Lyell

The Supreme Fabulettes: Viva La Drag is on 28 Jun and 29 Jun 2013 with showings at showings at 19:00 and 21:45 both days. You can book tickets here.

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