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Dandy Licks: Fri 28 June

New music videos that have us foaming at the nether regions with joy!

TS7 - Heartlight (Ft. Taylor Fowlis)
Expertly kicking off the weekend, this delicious nod to everything that’s wonderful about classic underground house has us proper shuffling in our office chairs! With a minimal production, a gorgeous, clean vocal and a beat that tingles both the ears and the nipples, we’re literally gagging to burst out of GT Towers and head to the nearest warehouse rave. Ready to bump ‘n’ grind like the old hookers we are! After what seems like eons of overly-synthesized bollocks, eardrum-bashing dubstep and music purely for meow meow induced gurners, it’s good to have some soul back on the dancefloor.

Little Daylight – Glitter and Gold
Brooklyn-based trio Little Daylight bring an interesting mix to the table in the form of Glitter and Gold which exemplifies an oxymoronic cauldron of scraping synthesis and crystal-clear utterance. Sonically, the song adheres itself to the likes of Electric Youth and Chvrches where a distinction between refrained, pristine vocals and mammoth synths is the determining factor. On a hypothetical scale, we would weigh Little Daylight in at ‘crazy electro-fest, verging on bat-shit’, which is pretty amazing as far as we’re concerned. Listen out for that drum beat, too!

Garçon Garçon – Instant Attraction
Let’s just file this under A for ‘Awesome’! The new single from Australian electro pop duo Garçon Garçon has all the right ingredients for a sure-fire summer sizzler. Not falling short of its goosebump worthy moments, if the synthy, blip-laden beat and dreamy vocal aren’t enough to make you holler then nothing will. The ethereal ‘Let it go right, let it go wrong, if you light me up to the stars’ in the middle eight is a particular highlight, namely because we can picture driving off into the abyss in our DeLorean with a young Michael J. Fox while listening to it. We’ll get our coats…

Nylo – Take It Back
Are we looking at the new queen of alt-pop? Nylo certainly has the potential. This atmospheric number layers just the right amount of hooks onto a bed of bitterness and heartache that we kind of feel obliged to invite the Brooklyn gal round for some Neapolitan ice cream and an all-night screening of The Sweetest Thing so we can tell her everything’s going to be okay. The overall mood of the track reminds us a tad of Skylar Grey ala Invisible, but without the irrelevance, which can only be a good thing in terms of maintaining a lasting music career (*sharpens claws*.) Chin up, gurl.

Autoheart - Agoraphobia
We’re not going to beat around the bush here, we just LOVE Autoheart. If you haven’t heard of this London four-piece, check out some of their back catalogue online. Lent, The Sailor Song, Control, all amazing songs that have been, so far, criminally overlooked by swathes of the mainstream meejah. Their latest tune Agoraphobia is just as stunning. A heartfelt, piano-lead track with a video full of pathos depicting a rabbit-headed man; lonely, isolated and desperate to connect with someone. Absolutely beautiful. Download everything they’ve ever done NOW!

Words: Lee Dalloway (@Leeroydalvin) and Sam Baker (@SamTRBaker)

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