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Deconstructing Broadway

A raucous night of musical wit and wisdom...

We've been in gay bars populated by fewer homosexuals than at Seth Rudetsky’s Deconstructing Broadway, on Saturday, at the Leicester Square Theatre – once again proving that we posses truly excellent taste as this was a truly fantastic night out at the theatre.

Rudetsky, for those who do not know, is an American musical director and voice coach – and sometime producer and comedy writer whose YouTube videos are like crack cocaine amongst theatre fans and industry types alike. In what must be any fan boys dream, Rudestky is dining out on his own ‘geekdom’, and this is a slap up meal at Sardi's with cocktails all round!

The show’s set up is – we the audience are taking part in a master class teaching the art of ‘deconstructing’ – his finely tuned and comic method in appreciating performances amazing (pronounced Ah-mah-zing) in either their brilliance or car crash awfulness.

Throughout the evening we are treated to variety of audio and video recordings whilst our host ‘deconstructs’ the singing using both witty repartee and enviable technical understanding in equal measures. We particularly enjoyed his ‘Investigative Deconstructions’ where he imagines what may have happened in the recording studio that may explain freak occurrences in some of his chosen excerpts – like when he imagines that a random, mid number soprano shriek by Liza Minnelli was due to her having been out until 10am dancing at Studio 54 with Halston only to have a runner hold up a hand mirror during her recording session so that Liza realizes she is a hot mess with a missing tooth.

GT laughed so hard we cried, and came away with a sense of adoration for the sheer talent onstage, and the yearning to go listen to Bea Arthur's 'Don't Rain on my Parade' on repeat. Should he return, sell your kidney and go, failing that hop on a flight and catch him in New York.

GT gives it 5/5

Words: Christopher Clegg

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