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Man vs. Zombie

Brad’s looking dead sexy in new blockbuster...

World War Z is the big screen adaptation of the post apocalyptic horror novel by Mel Brooks. The novel explores various accounts of a zombie epidemic whereas the screen adaptation concentrates on one man; Gerry Lane.
A long haired Brad Pitt plays Gerry; an ex-United Nations investigator who left his job to become a full time DILF. The bond with his wife and two daughters is strong on screen as they playfully joke around with one another, going about their ordinary day-to-day blissful life in Philadelphia. A family drive soon transforms into panic and uncertainty with a spectacular scene that takes road rage to a new level. As a viewer it’s unsettling from the get-go as sirens wail and helicopters circle, the heart races with the question “What’s about to happen?!”

Thankfully we are thrown into the action right from the start, there’s no boring back story or slow build up. You instantly lose yourself in the madness as the city erupts into pandemonium with lip biting zombie action. As things go from bad to worse, Gerry is given an ultimatum and is forced back into his old life to protect his loved ones. As the infected multiply, he reluctantly leaves his family behind and leads the search for the source of the epidemic.

Gerry, of course, faces problem after problem and you find yourself cheering our hero on. His mission takes him to Korea and Israel in a desperate search for a resolution, and an aeroplane journey will have you covering your mouth the entire time, whereas other heart racing moments will have you holding in your screams. One jaw-dropping scene takes place at the walls of Jerusalem as a crazed zombie pile up becomes a match for the forces. The adrenaline rushes are constant because you feel this could actually happen, making the film a far cry from a cheesy zombie flick.

The movie doesn’t over do it with the jumpy moments, going for quality over quantity, which will literally send your popcorn flying. Not sure at first at the need for 3D, director Marc Foster steers away from gimmicks and effectively enhances the horror surrounding the gripping storyline. The chilling soundtrack played throughout also compliments this too.

After a two hour squirm around in your seat we are met with a gripping ending that is both clever and realistic. It’s great to have Brad back on the silver screen and he delivers a believable performance that holds the story together throughout the chaos. The only down side to the film is that a zombie doesn’t accidentally tear his clothes off *sigh*

You can check out the trailer below, however it really doesn’t do the film justice.

GT gives it a well-deserved 5/5

Words: Benjamin Spence

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