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Andy Warhol online auction

Warhol up for cyber grabs...

Offering a glossy insight to the intimate life of Andy Warhol, Christie’s global online auction allows individuals to bid across a vast collection of his work entitled For Members Only: Eyes on the Guise.

Featuring over 200 photographs, prints and drawings ranging from ripped jock straps to wet tongues interlocking, this online auction endeavours to coincide with the start of Pride season in order to remember Warhol’s personal relationships as well as viewing male nude models through his scopophilic eyes.

But just a word of warning; the $12,000 price is enough to send your heart into overdrive and these artistic drawings have no place in a hospital. But don’t worry, a few of us haven’t had a date in so long that we’ll probably pool our money together and at least get something.

The event runs until 27 June, so get buying! That is, if we haven’t already taken them all.

Check out the auction here

Words: Ryan Yeo

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