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The Comedian

Tom Shkolnik's debut feature

Tom Shkolnik's debut film, The Comedian, was shot without a script, entirely improvised and features the gorgeous Nathan Stewart-Jarrett from Misfits. With an improvised script developed through workshops with the actors, The Comedian is funny, touching and true, presenting characters who are recognisable and real, while depicting London with reflective honesty. We can't wait to watch the whole thing and we've got an exclusive preview for you below:

The Comedian - Ed and Nathan (from the MISFITS) Meet from Trinity film on Vimeo.

Ed (Edward Hogg) is at a crossroads in his life. In his early thirties, his unrewarding job in a call centre is getting more and more frustrating, while his career as a stand-up is not taking off in the way he hoped it would; in fact, he’s starting to acknowledge he might not be a very good comedian. His love life begins to look promising when he meets artist Nathan (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett), a gorgeous younger man who quickly develops a deep affection for Ed. Yet Ed’s feelings are conflicted when he recognises he is drawn to his female flatmate Elisa (Elisa Lasowski).

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