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Preview: Fall-Out

A nuclear case of the ex...

So you've just survived a nuclear apocalypse. Brilliant, right? Not quite. You're stuck in a fallout shelter with your ex. And no, not the good one. The one who betrayed you. Welcome to the world of Jake and Nate in the post-apocalyptic romcom Fall-Out

The short film starts with both Jake and Nate not fully accepting the situation they are in. Jake would rather mock Nate than face reality, whereas Nate knows he stands a better chance of surviving the future with Jake on his side. But first, the former couple need to confront their issues with each other. Nate still has feelings for Jake, both of love and of deep-seated resentment. Whereas Jake still feels betrayed by his ex-husband.

As the horror of their situation slowly sinks in, the pair are forced to remove their masks and address the past before they can deal with the reality around them, all with just a copy of GT to distract them. The film is written and directed by top Netherlands script-editor Guido Lippe and is similar to 2001 thriller The Hole but with an added dose of Lily Savage-style tongue, not to mention two hot guys in business suits.

"With Fall-Out, I wanted to make a poignant, darkly funny short film and I’m pretty proud of the result," says Lippe. "The strange combination of an end of the world setting and two exes battling out their baggage makes it into possibly the world’s first post-apocalyptic romcom. Ultimately for me, Fall-Out is about the masks we all carry, the layers of personality and insecurity they hide, and our inability to move beyond them."

Both Jake and Nate are played by openly gay actors Daniel Boys and David Paisley. Daniel Boys - who plays Jake - is most famous for taking part in BBC talent show Any Dream Will Do and singing the theme tune to Australian soap Neighbours. Whereas David Paisley- is best known for his roles as midwife Ben Saunders in Holby City and Casualty as well as being voted Britain's sexiest man in a Gay Times poll back in 2003.

For more information on the film, visit their website or the Facebook page.

Words: Jordan Mann

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