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Finishing Touch Clinic

A non-surgical solution to hair loss!

Are you worried about your hair loss? Does it affect your confidence, your social life, work life, maybe even your relationships? If you look in the mirror and wish you had more hair, but want a more affordable alternative to transplants, the Finishing Touch Clinic has made us aware of an offer on Scalp Micro pigmentation. It's the latest non surgical solution to your hair loss problems with real, instant results.

The Finishing Touch Clinic is a new Scalp Micropigmentation Clinic that has been opened by a former top practitioner of another well known pioneering Scalp Micropigmentation company in London.

Jason having had the experience of early hair loss and going through various unsuccessful treatments and transplants, had his own head treated six years ago and hasn’t looked back. “If you’re worrying about hair loss I can’t recommend this treatment enough. You seriously will not have to think about it again and you will feel so much better, no more hair loss worries, finally.” Jason.

They offer an unrivalled VIP service in a private luxury clinic without the premium.

Most importantly, using the newest third generation equipment and the highest quality pigments, the results they achieve are the most realistic and undetectable in the world.

We currently have a special offer of 3 sessions for the price of 2.

While other clinics quote for two sessions and then charge extra for the third, at the Finishing Touch Clinic three sessions are included in the price as they believe the majority of clients will need a third session.

“This is a great treatment that has changed many peoples lives, including mine.”

Take a look around their site and see the results for yourself.

Finishing Touch Clinic

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