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Review: Tea for Two

GT digs around at the Brighton Fringe

Sometimes it’s necessary for things to come in a pair. For instance, without each other, Mary-Kate and Ashley are little more than glamorous Cousin It impersonators. At the Brighton Fringe festival this year, at least one show is harnessing the power of two.

Tea for Two with Dickie and Dave is a hidden gem of the Brighton Fringe festival, tucked away in the Three and Ten Comedy Club on Steine Street. A hour-long dervish of sketches written and performed by David McMullan and Richard Foster-King is delivered with boundless, unflagging energy. Leading us on a whistle stop tour of gay cowboys, the fiercely competitive world of ballroom dancing and the secret world of Santa’s elves – Dickie and Dave are unassailable in their kooky, fast-paced quest to surprise and delight. Some sketches illicit polite chuckles, others insist on belly laughs. The show manages to pace itself in such a way that these oscillations are welcome and seem intentional. There is no sense that, even while channeling Sapphic incarnations of our favourite Disney princesses, either Dickie or Dave is out of control for a second. The audience may be sipping on drinks bought downstairs at the pub, but they’re eating heartily out of the hands of two grown men dressed as Belle and Ariel.

They aren’t the Olsen twins (they don’t shed quite so egregiously and are marginally less ridiculous) but Tea for Two is a double act that have what it takes to make you smile, for a while.

We give it 3/5

Tea for Two with Dickie and Dave is Sundays, May 19 - June 2. Tickets are available on the door and from the Brighton Fringe box office.

Photo: Matt Crockett

Words: Patrick Scullion

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