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Eurovision Interview: Margaret Berger (Norway)

Feeding us her love...

After the fabulous Eurovision semi-final, the Push The Button crew catch-up with Norwegian entry Margaret Berger. Maggie’s expected to blow away the competition in semi-final 2 this tonight (16 May) with her entry ‘I Feel You My Love’. 

PUSH THE BUTTON: Hei Margaret! [‘hei’ is Norwege for ‘hi’ – we think]. We had our first taste of the other entries last night and a lot of them are singing about wedding bells, world peace and harmony... you've opted for cowards, snow and knives in the back – as you do. Do you think the stark contrast will be in your favour?
MARGARET BERGER: I try to not think about the competition. I’m just proud I get to be in Eurovision. This Thursday [for semi final 2] I’m gonna be on the stage and enjoy every minute of it.

What is it about Scandinavia that it's able to produce so many utterly FIERCE electro-pop divas?
I think it’s because most of the Scandinavian artists dare to be themselves.
Well, we certainly got that impression from Krista [the Finnish entry]. Your song is a little bit sombre, but we hope that the performance isn’t. Do you have lots of strobe lights in your performance? We LOVE strobe lights. And smoke machines. What can we expect?
I hope to deliver a good vocal performance as I think there are always so many good singers in Eurovision. So we've focused a lot on the song in the performance and let it be in the centre. I have a really cool drummer by my side too, who always delivers a good show. I look forward to working the three backing-singers in the performance.

Of course, this isn’t your first time at the rodeo… you appeared in Norwegian Idol way back in 2004 - how was that?
Idol was a very good pop-star-school for me. I was 17 when I entered, and knew very little about the entertainment industry, or how to perform in the best possible way. I'm very proud of my background.

Who are your International pop idols?
My favourite singers are: Bjørk, Madonna, Janet Jackson and Karin Drejer.
We are big fans of 'Pretty Scary Silver Fairy' [Margaret’s debut album] what can we expect from the new album ‘Chastisement’?
The album is a bit more uptempo and dancy than "I Feed You", but still some dark synths there.
Amazing! If there’s one thing we love more than Eurovision it’s up-tempo, synthy, Scandinavian dance-pop. Best of luck from the United Kingdom! We're pretty sure you're going to pick up at least 10 points from us - do you have a message for your fans in Britain?
I really hope you will enjoy my performance, just know that I'm bursting of happiness to have my 3 minutes on that stage! Hope to visit United Kingdom soon! Love!

Check out Margaret's track I Feed You My Love' here

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