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Interview: Holestar

The 'Tranny with a Fanny'...

The divalicious Holestar is back with a brand new one-woman show, Sorry I'm a Lady: 10 Years of Drag - we've seen it and it's fabulous! We caught up with the lovely lady for a mini chinwag...

GT: For our readers who haven't been fortunate enough to see Holestar in action, how would you describe yourself in one sentence?
Holestar: Loud, fun, opinionated, sparkly, belting Tranny with a Fanny.

We loved you new show! Tell everyone what delights they can expect if they shimmy to Dalston's finest basement this week?
Reworked versions of my solo 'hits', show tunes, Prince, honesty, glitter, hi-NRG, truth, big wigs and a free pre show in the window of Vogue Fabrics where I sit doing my makeup for the public. The reaction has been quite incredible.

You were in the army?! How did you make the transition from the barracks to the stage?
In know, right? I didn't go to drama school so have come to this the long way round. It took being discharged from the army, discovering art, coming out and being a Dominatrix to discover I had such a flair for showing off.

You discuss the fact there needs to be a greater 'queer' presence in he mainstream media, could you elaborate on that for us?
It's all good and well having asexual, camp gay men in the mainstream media and the odd lesbian but where are the alternative role models? We may be on our way to equality but not all queer people want to conform to a safe and invisible sensibility. I grew up in the 80s where Boy George, Soft Cell and Divine were on Top of the Pops, shaking things up. Anything queer for the masses seems so safe, designed not to offend Nanna's, rather than inspire or empower people - I adore Nanna's by the way. We need to be represented on a consistent basis, not just laughed at on TV talent shows and token documentaries.

You're an opinionated lady (Holestar for president!) is there anything at the moment that's particularly 'grinding your gears'?
Where do I start?! Gay body fascism bristles my tits. Phone apps where people are cruelly judging and dismissing each other on a snap of a filtered torso or cock shot is making many increasingly insecure. We're judged by society enough as it is, why are we doing this among ourselves? We should be loving and respecting ourselves and actually talking to each other a bit more. Humans come in all shapes and sizes, not cookie cutter ideals of the body beautiful.

What are the things in life that make you happy?
My Lhasa-Poo, Huxley Disco - as in Aldous and, erm, my love of disco - chocolate, traveling, empowered women, a wig that does exactly what I want it to, making a dance floor shake, blossom, random acts of kindness...

If there's one song that sums up your life so far, what would it be?
My reworked version of I'm Still Here from Follies, which happens to be the opening number of my show 'Sorry I'm A Lady'.

What's next for Holestar?
My solo album will be out later this year as is the single 'Dressed As A Girl', a collaboration with Warboy & Jonny Woo. Promoting my own events, POP! & Let's Get Quizzical, performing, DJing and continuing dressing up and showing off until I can no longer be arsed to paint my face. My dream is to perform at Eurovision. I can't see the UK sending a Tranny with a Fanny so it'll probably have to be for a small country. Anyone got contacts in San Marino?

Get tickets to Sorry I'm a Lady at Vogue Fabrics in Dalson, London here

Grab a free download of title song Sorry I'm A Lady and plenty of wonderfully opinionated musings on Holestar's blog.

Words: Lee Dalloway

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