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Doctor Who: The Krotons – Brian Hodgson and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop

The Krotons is a strange creature. That is to say The Krotons themselves are I suppose strange creatures, being an alien race in a 60s Doctor Who story – but The Krotons as a 2013 soundtrack release of a 1968 British television show is a stranger creature still.

It’s the second of three special releases from Silva Screen to mark the 50th anniversary of the science-fiction juggernaut, and while the previous album, The Caves of Androzani, comprised of a full score, The Krotons is largely made up of strange noises.

That’s not to say they’re not beautiful strange noises, it’s just perhaps not as atmospheric as the former offering. An unfair comparison perhaps, given that Brian Hodgson was creating sound effects while Roger Limb was creating a soundtrack,

Door Opens and Teaching Machine Hums might not invoke the sense of adventure that Limb’s Caves did, but it’s an incredible and fascinating collection for fans of the show as well as fans of the work of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. It’s also quite staggering that material from a production that’s over 40 years old has been so lovingly and meticulously restored for release – hopefully there’ll be many more such soundtrack collections to come.

With it being a slightly shorter release, it’s available on CD and digital download at a budget price which reflects this – with a more collectable limited 10” vinyl being of particular note for fans of memorabilia.

Get a copy here.


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