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Anne Reid’s got a new key

Comedy legend takes to the stage for a very different show...

We shouldn’t have to tell you who Anne Reid is, or indeed why we love this particular actor. But if you do know – as you should – then you’ll understand why we’re particularly excited to hear she’s heading back to the stage in her lesser-known guise of cabaret performer.

For five nights she’ll be performing her solo act, A New Key, which combines song, nostalgia and humour. That includes backstage stories, tales of meeting the Royal Family, being in Doctor Who (with her little straw) as well as music from a variety of songwriters (we’re not ashamed, it’s the Sondheim material we’re most excited about).

And if there’s chat about Dinnerladies, Upstairs Downstairs and Ladies of Letters, well this might just end up being our idea of a perfect night out.

Anne Reid performs from 21-25 May, The Crazy Coqs, Brasserie Zedel, Sherwood Street, London. Tickets and details here.

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