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Alternative art for Liver Birds...

If you’re based by the Mersey then we at GT would hope that you have popped down to Tate Liverpool for their stunning exhibition, Glam! The Performance of Style. This exhibit, full of glitz, glamour and a healthy dose of all things fabulous, takes a look at the explosion of style that was the early 70s, all things from fashion to art. It features some stunning work from all your GT favourites, such as David Hockney, Cindy Sherman and of course, Andy Warhol, it’s a must see, but you only have a few days left!

The lecture, Glamology, happening on Saturday 11 May is fronted by the Glam legend himself, Andrew Logan, best known for his Alternative Miss World beauty pageant. In this lecture you can expect Logan to talk you through the era that was, and how it changed our views on everything from fashion to identity and gender; a must see for any art crazy gays out there. We a GT will be there front and centre!

Glamology is held at Tate Liverpool this Saturday, 11 May and coincides with Glam! Performance of Style, running until 12 May.

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Words Pete May

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