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In the mood for some Four:Play?

A hot, new gay film project is looking for some support!

Actor Craig Daniel Adams and his director partner Bruno Collins had been getting a little weary of the angst-driven and issue-based heaviness of many homosexual-themed movies, and thought the world of gay film could do with an injection of romantic comedy. Their concept is a film that touches on several aspects of modern gay life, such as equal marriage, monogamy, relationship with parents... all with a tongue placed firmly in cheek.

The idea became Four:Play, a short film that was eventually expanded from a fifteen-page short to a fully fledged feature script. A romcom written and directed by the real life gay couple, about two gay couples and featuring a cast of all openly gay males. While it may seem unusual to see any kind of romantic comedy without Jennifer Aniston getting paid megabucks to be all cute and neurotic, Craig and Bruno’s aims for this project are far more assured - showcasing positive gay role models that gay youngsters can look up to.

“It discusses the importance of trust, love and family in a modern relationship.” writer Craig tells us. “It’s more of a celebration rather than a lecture, and it has appeal way beyond a solely gay audience; being gay is part of who they are but not their defining characteristic.” Craig has not only managed to secure all the actors who inspired the characters he scripted, but also manages to inject some fun back into gay life on screen... at least if his description of the plot is anything to go by.

“Our boys are subjected to crazy mothers, overly accepting fathers and bitchy best friends - with a little Viagra problem thrown in for good measure.” says Craig. “Hopefully, it leaves you questioning your own views whilst making you laugh at the same time!” Featuring Holby City star David Paisley, David Ames [Doctor Who] and introducing Arron Blake and Darren Lee Murphy, Lark Rise to Candleford’s Olivia Hallinan has also come on board for an injection of lady-shaped sassiness.

Sounds great? Well, here’s the rub. Craig and Bruno are currently raising money to create Four:Play - Vignettes, a series of shorts that will lead into the feature film itself. The project is being funded through a company called Indiegogo, a relatively new way of raising money to produce independent work, and a target of £2000 has been set. This would give the film the minimum budget it needs to begin shooting. Time is of the essence, as shooting begins on the 18th May 2013 and the guys just need a final push of donations to reach their target, and hopefully exceed it. A collection of small donations from interested parties would ensure this project edges closer to the feature film becoming a reality.

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