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Garage is back

Disclosure turn the heat up

Last week Basement Jaxx done a comeback on us, giving that first glimmer of summer, now the sun is out and Disclosure have dropped a banger. We've been warming ourselves to the dance duo's jams during the long, hard winter (which only seemed to end like 4 days ago) but we're much preferring them in the sun. If they were on the park, we'd ogle them. They're not, that we know of, so we'll make do with listening to them. This is one of their most garagey singles yet and it took GT right back to summer 2001 for a wee moment, a land populated by Craig David and Oxide and Neutrino. Just hold that thought.

The video is a total Rihanna and Calvin Harris rip off but with a guy getting beaten by a giant dildo so obviously gets our thumbs up. Think you recognise that girl on the vocals? Why it's young Miss Eliza Doolittle, in yet another welcome return to the charts. Disclosure... Doolittle... we salute you. It was time for some fresh summer tunage. There's a limit to how many times you can listen to Chaka Demus and Pliers blasting out a Golf GTI and we've reached it.

Watch the video below

Words: Paris Lees

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