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It Starts With Me

THT's new campaign is all about empowerment!

Gay and bi men in England have the power to halt the spread of HIV within a generation. That’s the message of a new campaign launched today by Terrence Higgins Trust and the HIV Prevention England partnership.

It’s called 'It Starts With Me' ( and it’s going to run until 2015, making it the largest-scale HIV prevention campaign aimed at the gay community in England ever. You’ll be hearing a lot about this campaign over the next couple of years, through adverts in the press and online, on social media, and in gay venues across the country.

The campaign’s big message is that every gay and bi man in England can help stop the HIV epidemic in its tracks with four simple steps:

• Test for HIV at least once every twelve months, and more frequently if you’ve taken a risk.

• Take the medication you need to stay fit and well, if you’ve been diagnosed with HIV.

• Protect yourself during sex by using condoms and finding other ways to avoid risk.

• Participate in community action by finding a way to support the campaign and spread the word to your friends and contacts.

There’s a short video clip here that explains the science behind this claim, and how the proper combination of testing, treatment and condoms could stop the spread of HIV in its tracks.

Also on the website, you can also take a short quiz to assess your own risk, find the nearest place to take a test, and even order a free HIV test through the post. You can also connect with the campaign on Facebook, and Twitter at @startswith_me.

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