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Man, Oh Man (of Steel)

There's a new Superman film coming out

Being the comic book geeks we are at GT, we were beside ourselves to discover the new Man of Steel trailer. The red capped hero is back with a new look, new director and all new cast. From the eye candy of Clark Kent himself, in the form of Henry Cavill, to Lois Lane, played by our favourite ginger, Amy Adams.

This new trailer had us gripped - well, until Cavill gets his shirt off, then our memory goes a bit blank. There seems to be a bit of a make-over happening throughout too. From all muscles and hair, to the bare faced youthful hero we know and love - so something for all tastes really!

It's not just half naked boys and fiery redheads though, there is some amazing looking effects that will no doubt have you gripped to the edge of your seat, oh and did we mention a certain Mr Crowe, Mr Russell Crow to be precise. All this is excitement is too much to take, June 14 can't come quick enough!

Words: Pete May

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