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Basement. Jaxx. Are. Back.

Hey up, look who it is!

We have jungle fever at GT Towers with the new Basement Jaxx release, because Jaxx tracks can only mean one thing… SUMMER, Well, maybe. The song is their usual mix of pop and dance that will no doubt see you frolicking at the festivals over the next few months. The Jaxx are playing at plenty of them.

There is a new space-age-meets-wildlife-park theme for the new video (after all this is the princes of mash up we're dealing with) and oh how we love it! Think leopards in space mixed with the Mighty Boosh, and you’ll have some idea what to expect. Featuring Miss Emma Lee and Baby Chay, two songstress we think we’ll be hearing more of in the coming months. Basement Jaxx have come back full throttle with a vibrant video, stylish sounds and a littlle bit of nostalgia for that almost-forgotten-ere the early noughties thrown in.

So put on that leopard print you’ve been saving and go wild. You filthy animals.

Words: Peter May

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