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Olympus Has Fallen

Can you smell the testosterone?

Gerard Butler keeps his clothes on... a fundamental flaw in an action flick so absurdly patriotic that if features multiple slo-mo flaps of the US flag. Following a string of rom-com duds to rival Jennifer Aniston's ongoing run (love you really, Jen) the sexy Scot is back in killing machine mode. However, unlike his Hollywood-hollering role in 300, the most homoerotic film in cinematic history, there isn't a well-oiled six-pack or pectoral in sight. Not even a nip.

All hell breaks loose when North Korean terrorists storm the White House, taking the President - Aaron Eckhart in damsel-in-distress mode - and his staff hostage, and causing the kind of damage not seen since Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen's days on Changing Rooms. America might not negotiate with terrorists, but it is more than happy to dispatch of them in variously violent ways courtesy of former Secret Service Agent and one man army, Mike Banning (Butler).

A throwback to the 80s actioner, Olympus Has Fallen belongs in the so-godawful-it's-good category, going big on booms and machismo and completely bypassing the brain cells. Even if director Antoine Fuqua sometimes forgets what kind of movie he's making, unintentionally cranking up the laughs with oh-so-serious dramatic scenes. Bonus points are also awarded for the presence of Morgan Freeman (because he's Morgan Freeman) and the inspired use of an Abraham Lincoln bust.


Olympus Has Fallen is released to cinemas nationwide tomorrow, 17 April. Watch the testosterone fuelled trailer below.

Words: Thomas Stichbury

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